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No Mess Ice Tray

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  • Get your ice without making a mess!
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Get your ice without making a mess!

Say goodbye to ice cubes flying across the room or getting stuck halfway out of the tray! Our new ice tray makes getting ice a breeze.

Just give the handle a squeeze, and all your ice cubes pop out into your glass. No more struggling or mess!

This tray is small and fits easily in your freezer. You can make ice whenever you want, without taking up too much space.

It’s made from safe, long-lasting materials. No weird smells or residue here!

Cleaning is easy too. Just take it apart and wash it. Enjoy hassle-free ice with our simple ice tray!

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    Lisa J.
    Posted on
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    Anna S.
    Posted on
    As an avid athlete, I often push my body to its limits during intense workouts. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to soreness and stiffness, particularly in my neck muscles. And Neckease has been very helpful so far. With a quick self-massage I can precisely release tension and relax my muscles. Since incorporating Neckease into my recovery routine, I\'ve noticed a significant decrease in post-exercise soreness. Definitely recommended.

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    Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $5.00.

    Order Now & Save 80%